quinta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2010

Our Congregation in English

We want to share good news about our work as Lutheran Christians in Macapá, the "City of the middle of the Earth"! Thanks for stopping by and accessing our Blog!

Thanks God we have finished our lining installation work. It took about two and a half weeks till we got all set up and now we may see how beatiful our sanctuary is after this job:
A shot from the very moment when the work was finished!
Moreover, the temperature inside our chapel is now more pleasing. We don't have A/C on. This is one of our next goals for the improvement of our church.

Earlier this week we have started the floor job. We are putting ceramic on our floor. After donations and money raising, we could raise about 1,700 Brazilian bucks (about 1,110 US dollars) to afford the masons' payment, and also the grouting. The mortar needed was donated by a Congregation's family. Take a look at the masons working on that:

This job is supposed to be finished up by this Saturday. On Sunday we want to celebrate our first service - the 4th in the Advent - on the new floor. For Christmas services, we want to paint all the sanctuary up, giving it a new breath and making it even more beatuful to celebrate the LORD's coming to this world!

Praise the LORD YAHWEH with us! This is one more dream accomplished to the Lutherans in Macapá. And we would like to give our special thanks to all who supported us with money, donations, efforts, gifts and prayers!

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