sábado, 26 de fevereiro de 2011

2011 updates

Dear y'all!

We have many thanksgiving offerings to do to Our Gracious and Savior God. First of all, of course, in having saved us through His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ, the reason we exist as Church of Him.

Also because our sanctuary is finally done, finished, all set up to held services in a comfortable and cozy way. As you may see below, after the raise money and the carpenters work, our temple is now very pretty and ready to serve God’s people as they come in to worship God, listening to His Word, being served by his Sacraments and responding Him, through the Holy Spirit, with prayers, songs and gifts.

You may see a “before, during and after” on the shots below:

This was our sanctuary BEFORE the finishing up processing. There was even an owl (the white thing up in the pic) living underneath the roof.
After a donation from Brazil Mission Society, we start to install the ceiling as you may on this shot.
It took about 2 1/2 weeks till all ceiling was done!
Afterwards, we started a money raising campaing to put the pavement on. After this, we started installing the ceramic. There were about 120 squared meters of pavement.
As good stewards of God's gifts, we could save some money from BMS's donation and then we applied the savings on the painting job of our inside walls of our chapel. We painted the sides and back walls with a light green. The altar place got some deep green, to strees worship atendees the altar is the center of the divine service.
Rembember: our sanctuary was like this:

But now, thanks God and the donators, from our Congregations, across the country and from overseas, our inside temple is as follows:

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